Maryland has a long and storied filmmaking history, including significant success in attracting film and television productions. Our geographic diversity, well trained crew and actor base and many dedicated businesses and vendors that service this industry provide the locations and infrastructure that make Maryland a prime filming destination. Our history on the screen includes award-winning and popular hits such as Diner, Hairspray, And Justice For All, Homicide: Life on the Streets, The Wire, Wedding Crashers, Runaway Bride and, most recently, Veep and House of Cards.

Beginning in 2002, states began to offer tax credits and other incentives to attract film and television productions. According to a July 2008 Report of the National Governor’s Association, the motion picture industry benefits state and local economies by attracting out-of-state investments, creating high paying jobs, contributing to the economic and civic vitality of communities, and stimulating cultural tourism. The NGA Report characterized the film industry as a highly desirable, environmentally “green” industry that brings higher paying knowledge-based jobs to a state.